This super short film was done completely in 12 hours. It all started when I felt like challenging myself, so I decided to make up a new short story, film it and edit it all in one Saturday. This is the result.

I shot and edited this all alone with just a tripod and my iPhone. I wanted to challenge myself and see how I could multiply myself to 4 characters without any help. Then I got the basic idea for the plot and started filming. 90% of this was improvised at the time of filming.

I tried to reach my limits with an iPhone while editing, and acting 2 characters in one frame was plenty of challenge to do while alone. This was really fun to make, but it shouldn't be taken too seriously since this was all just a little challenge to spend my Saturday on. 

It did however get some attention in a few festivals, earning itself 2 awards.

You can watch this experimental Saturday boredom test down below!

Three identical brothers are struggling about what to do with the evil fourth brother.