Two friends are watching a film and discussing an urban legend about a Mafia hitman in the neighbourhood.






The Apartment 72 was born quite out of thin air in just a little moment. We had actually written 4-5 complete other scripts after Breakdown Noir, but they were still quite out of our reach in terms of resources. Then we thought about a film that would take place in one apartment, could be shot in one day, and basically for free. Then, Apartment 72 was born.

Teppo came up with the story and the characters really fast, and I immediately fell in love with the idea and we started working on it. We wrote the final script in a couple of weeks and casted our dear friend Arttu for the third role, and then came the production day.

Just like before, we shot this film completely on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. However in a very small apartment with basically no light and lighting equipment, it was really difficult to make it not look like shit. We still pulled through, and it was one of the most fun days I have ever had.

Our budget for the film was 24 euros and it included a cow's heart, some fake blood and toy store hand-cuffs. We demolished Teppo's apartment with fake blood from the "gorey" sequences, but luckily our plastic bag covers to the floor worked and everything was alright. The funniest thing about the day was that Teppo actually bit the cow's heart and tried to rip it with his teeth, but it was too thick and he almost choked on it and we couldn't even use the shot in the film.

After a couple of weeks of intense editing with a MacBook Pro and DaVinci Resolve 16, it was done and it shocked all of our relatives and was generally really well received. It got selected 9 times and it won 5 awards, including Honorable Mentions and Best Mobile Film.

Witness this grindhouse fairytale of pure madness down below.

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