Awards/Selections of CBF in numbers:



12 A W A R D S

After finishing Breakdown Noir I only dreamt about it being accepted to festivals. My goal was to get just one Official Selection laurel. But it got way out of hand.


It was an Official Selection in 18 different festivals worldwide and it reached the finals in 11 festivals and categories. I was absolutely stunned, and I still am.

A film about me mutilating my dear friend Teppo with an old school drill while listening to Jazz somehow won 4 awards. The first one was "Best Mobile Film" in Europe Film Festival with a total submission count of a whopping 1200 films. Prague International Monthly Film Festival also awarded us with a "Best Mobile Film" award. Anatolian Short Film Festival's jury decided to bless us with the Special Jury Award's 2nd Best Film. Maybe the most important award for me came from the Brazil International Monthly Independent Film Festival, which was the "Best Cinematography International Short Film" award. You can see the laurels down below. 3 of the 4 awards are IMDb verified.

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I wasn't really even serious about submitting The Evil One into any festivals, but after hearing my friends and family's opinions I decided to give it a shot. I really didn't have any expectations since this was just a little test I ended up doing in a day. However, it did actually surprise me. 


I submitted it to 6 festivals and it got accepted into 5 of them as an Official Selection. In 4 of those it advanced to the finals. The most amazing part is that it actually won 2 of those, and both of them are IMDb verified awards.


The amazing Europe Film Festival awarded me again with the "Best Mobile Film" award. They had over 1000 submissions again in total which is incredible. Kosice International Monthly Film Festival didn't nominate me for the finals but it did apparently stand out from the rest, because they awarded me the Honorable Mention in the "Best Super Short Film Director" category. I am the most grateful about this, because this award landed me an invite to the Annual Ceremony in Kosice, Slovakia in May 2021.

That being said, the first Red Carpet Ceremony and Awards Gala with a formal dress code and a city tour was somehow earned with me suffocating myself in a plastic bag. I am quite proud of that, to be honest. But unfortunately, because of the pandemic, I won't be able to make it there.

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The Festival run of The Apartment 72 was really successful and it opened a lot more doors for us with a little bit of a smaller festival budget than Breakdown Noir. We got 9 Official Selections and proceeded to finals in 7 of them, which gathered us 5 awards.

We won Best Mobile Film from the Europe Film Festival and also from the Gralha International Monthly Film Awards.  Prague International Monthly Film Festival awarded us with an amazing Honorable Mention in the Best Mobile Film category, but the best award came from somewhere else. 

The Honorable Mention for Young Talent Filmmaker from Brazil International Monthly Independent Film Festival. Wow. That might be the best award I have gotten so far, because we didn't compete well enough in the Best Medium-Length Film category of course, but they liked us so much that they wanted to recognize our talent with a whole special award. That makes us extremely happy and confident. As does the fact that all of these except for Gralha are IMDb verified awards. After 5 months of the initial submission, Screen Power Film Festival also granted us with an IMDb verified Honorable Mention!

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If you want to see more details about the festivals and my filmmaker profile, click this link below and check it out on FilmFreeway.