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A man experiences a hazy morning on a cloudy day.

This is a very experimental short film that I improvised, shot and edited all in one boring Friday. It is not meant to be anything big or have any kind of a message, I just wanted to challenge myself into creating a mood and making something ordinary and boring look unique and interesting with just cinematography and visuals and no storytelling. 

I hope this takes you to some place else from your thoughts. It is only meant to show the most boring thing all of us do each day in a different unique way. I tried to create a dreamy beautiful experience of the most routine thing imaginable. It was a great challenge and it also taught me how to use my new camera really well.

It is currently in the middle of it's small festival circuit, so I will be updating that side more when I get the results! So far it has won "Best Experimental Film" from the IMDb certified Europe Film Festival.

I hope you enjoy it, you can watch it down below!