"Breakdown Noir" was the first script I ever wrote. I started writing it on a break at work all of a sudden. Making films had always been a dream of mine, but then I got the idea that this might actually work.

I wrote it, but then it seemed like a huge pile of shit so I tossed it aside. A few months later I watched "Reservoir Dogs" and "Death Wish" and then it hit me. I just knew what to do. I wrote the thing all over again and figured it out with my friend Teppo, who was a really essential part of making this real.

When we finally got to film it in June 2020 we only had one day to shoot it. We filmed it with my iPhone 11 Pro, and I had bought a few pieces of equipment for it. A cheap mic, an even cheaper rig, an even more cheaper tripod and the Moment Anamorphic lens. That was all we had, so it forced us to be as creative as possible.

We worked for 12 hours in 30 Celsius weather and used all of my iPhone's memory and we had absolutely no idea of what we were doing. But we got it. The next step was to edit the whole clip ocean with my iPhone. It took about two weeks on the small mobile phone screen, which of course, isn't quite ideal for short film editing. Or any kind of editing at all. After dozens of hours, the final product was ready.

With enough passion, creativity and love for movies we managed to make quite a good first short film. Even as our first project made 100% on an iPhone it rolled it's way to 18 film festivals and nominations and 4 awards.

Witness the bloody beginning of CBF down below.

A regular Finnish family man loses control and takes matters into his own hands after an incident.

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